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We are interested in your financial success because

it means that our offering is effective 



Embarking on any project from inception to completion in a professional manner with a strong emphasis on delivering the best possible outcomes, within set deadlines to our clients. Grant Capital adopts an open mind approach to capital raising solutions and other problem solving initiatives with a view to reduce the clients exposure to complex and time consuming non-core business processes and procedures.


Grant Capital bridges the gap between the funder and the client. We understand that the client’s focus is to grow their business strategically and therefore need to focus more on actual business operations rather than on non-core business functions. GC therefore makes it its business to execute the funder’s mandate and structure the funding solutions to suite the funder’s needs, while taking into consideration the client’s uniqueness. This is what sets us apart from our competitors.


Grant Capital ethos lies within its diversified team, boasting a large array of skills, resources, and education - a trait which gives us the edge and enables us to offer our clients holistic solutions.  Collectively, we have more than 30 years’ experience in the grants and finance space amongst others. Grant Capital prides itself of having one of the highest success rates of delivering successful funding solutions to diversified projects such as housing projects, bulk infrastructure projects, and incubation projects among others.


Grant Capital aims to be your financial long term partner constantly seeking opportunities to create economic sustainability and growth for your business.

Specialised Grant evaluations and acquisition projects to facilitate engagements between the DTI and the client.

Looking for funding solutions? Grant Capital has a number of customised services and products that will benefit your business. Grant Capital boasts numerous years of experience and business engagements with the Department of Trade and Industry and other Development Funding Institutions (“DFIs”), who are our primary source of funds. Grant Capital offers Grants & Incentives, Debt Financing, Private equity and Advisory Services.

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